At Sensacions, the commitment to the environment and sustainability is one of the key foundations of our company. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint by implementing responsible practices and fostering environmental awareness among all team members.

We believe that through concrete actions, we can contribute to a greener and healthier future for everyone. The planet is our responsibility, and we are determined to do our part to preserve it for future generations.



Every project and event we undertake is not only meant to be memorable but also a positive contribution to the environment, a inspiring example of how haute cuisine and experience design can harmoniously coexist with sustainability.

That’s why, at Sensacions, we offer the option to offset the carbon footprint of each of our events.



Local Suppliers
97% of Sensacions' purchase volume comes from local suppliers. Additionally, 38% of the suppliers we work with follow sustainable practices.
Water Savings
Water Savings at Can Magí. Rainwater is collected in a well and another natural well of groundwater, utilized to irrigate the 1800 square meter garden using a drip irrigation system. Aerator devices are installed in all taps throughout the venue to reduce water flow, and each sink has a dual-flush system.
Integral waste management together with an entity committed to the environment.
LED lights are installed in all our facilities. We also maximize natural light events with our Glass Hall, with up to 48% of events held at Sensacions headquarters utilizing natural light. We have a centralized system for opening and closing lights to control their consumption.
Employment Inclusion
Active participation in local employment inclusion policies through specific employment plans, promoting the development of skills and job abilities.
Gender Equality
Conducting awareness and training actions on gender equality. Furthermore, 88% of high-ranking positions in the company are occupied by women.
Food Bank
Direct collaboration with CECAS, a company partnering with the local Food Bank foundation.
Food Certifications
Possession of certificates ensuring Halal and Kosher food. We also pay close attention to all dietary restrictions, such as vegan gastronomy or potential allergens.
At our central headquarters in Can Magí, we are surrounded by diverse and native nature, where we take care to preserve it. This area features pine trees, olive trees, holm oaks, persimmons, and even a chestnut tree over a hundred years old. This flora attracts various bird species like blackbirds, thrushes and herons, among others.



We seek new ways every day to further increase our commitment to the environment.

Therefore, we aim to annually reduce our carbon footprint by 5%, working towards a more sustainable future.